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27 sep 2023 om 21:57 The amount of food is way less now…
14 jun 2022 om 23:25 Chef mistook vinegar for soy sauce. My pork cold dish was really, very sour. Moreover, delivery menu is 5 euros more than menu on their website.
31 mei 2022 om 20:55 Heerlijk eten.. Net iets te heet voor mij. Voor de rest prima.
7 apr 2022 om 19:32 The pork maocai is very expensive considering what you get.
16 jan 2022 om 18:46 Altijd heerlijk! Mijn favoriete Chinese Sichuan keuken restaurant!
13 jan 2022 om 16:51 I ordered the same garlic meat slice on jan 4th, but the one i got before was much nicer :( kitchen needs quality control.
8 jan 2022 om 21:35 The food takes 2.5 hours and in the end cancelled. After I have contacted the customer service, the restaurant called and told me that the food will eventually arrive in another 30min but won’t be hot anymore. As a result, the order is cancelled
23 dec 2021 om 12:06 Maybe add instructions for hotpot? But lovely food